Love Machine

Love Machine

Love Machine (The Deed, Charlie Midnight)

Sometimes my life is crazy
I wake up somewhere strange
Don’t even know how the hell I got there
Don’t even know my name

But my girl is right beside me
To heal me when I bleed
Cleans me up and takes me home
Gives me what I need

She’s a love, love, machine….

I’m not afraid of dyin’
I’m safe inside her dream
I swear that I ain’t lyin’
She’s as good as she seems

This girl’s so mystifyin’
And I am under her spell
We make love and it feels like flyin’
Between heaven and hell

She’s a love, love machine…
Flyin’, flyin’, I ain’t lyin’
She so good without even tryin’
No, I’m not afraid of dyin’
If I go out in her arms

She’s a love, love machine…

It’s all so mystifyin’

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