Wicked On Your Mind

Wicked On Your Mind (Charlie Midnight, Buck Johnson)

I saw her standin’ in the dark
I heard her whisperin’ my name
Her skin was silver as the moon
She called to me and so I came

Her body shimmered in the light
It felt like diamonds to the touch
She said, “we’re only flesh and blood
And in the end we all just turn to dust”

I heard a hound dog howl
But I didn’t heed the sign
Doin’ the right thing seems so wrong
When you’ve got wicked on your mind

We heard the sirens coming close
As if they knew what we had done
But when you’re the victim and the prey
It doesn’t matter where you run

I saw the clouds turn black
As I grabbed her from behind
Nothing but lightning in the sky
When you’ve got wicked on your mind

She said “it feels so good
That it’s got to be a crime”
Doin’ the wrong thing seems so right
When you’ve got wicked on your mind

You’re so wicked, baby, you so wicked…

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