The temperature is boiling hot at 42.5 degrees celsius, but this does not stop Gola from going straight to the nearby radio station: NT Music. On the way, he is already busy talking to people on the street and handing out CDs and T-Shirts from his band “The Deed“.

Mark Smith from NT Music gives him some useful contacts at ABC Radio, so that is where he heads to next since it is located just two blocks down the road.

At ABC Radio Darwin he asks at the front desk for radio presenter, Ivor Cole. Mr Cole seems a bit surprised and reluctant about Gola`s unexpected visit but he remains polite. He takes the promotional material and arranges for Gola to come back in 45 minutes for an interview in Studio 1. …That is enough time to have a beer or two at “The Cave”, a nice bar with a swimming pool in the backyard.

45 minutes later, Gola comes back to the radio station where Ivor Cole welcomes him enthusiastically after listening to “The Deed” album. He starts the interview about Gola`s crazy tour around Australia. The album rocks his (different colored) socks off and the planned three minute radio talk stretches up to a half an hour.
The Gola interview and “The Deed” tracks, become the highlight of the “After Dark” show of that Moneygram locations particular evening. Ivor Cole even asks Gola to give him a buzz as soon as he reaches a town with mobile phone coverage. He wants to update his audience about Gola`s Australia tour until he has played all of the songs on the album!

That evening, Gola and his crew listen to the “After Dark” show on on the radio and everybody is happy to know that Ivor Cole, an upright personality from ABC radio, the most important national television and radio broadcaster in Australia, is a real “The Deed” fan.

The next day, the journey continues towards Perth where the temperature will be cooler, hopefully…

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