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The Deed Roadtrip Round Australia in 60 Days

22’000 km, all around the continent and two times trough the middle. A great country with wonderful residents.

26 radio interviews. 1 television talkshow (Chanel 10). Met Jimmy Barnes and enjoyed the Cold Chisel concert in Sydney. Waht a great trip Down Under

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Gölä Meets His Idol Jimmy Barnes in Australia

After arriving in Sydney, we took a taxi and headed to the Volkswagen Australia headquarters to pick up our cars and giveaway “The Deed” T-shirts for the trip. Two brand new Volkswagen Amaroks and a Transporter van stood ready. All of them with 4 wheel drive capability. This function is absolutely essential for our journey through the outback.

From Sydney we drove south, towards Melbourne. We chose to take the coastal route, although it takes around three hours longer than the freeway. On the second day, rain started pouring and we decided it would be wiser to take the freeway after all so we drove back. We crossed a hill and die-heimwerkerseite.de stopped in a small town called Berrima in NSW for a coffee. It was still early in the morning and we only found one place open selling coffee and vintage posters, furniture and other knickknacks. We placed our orders as Gölä started chatting with the shopkeeper about music and our tour around Australia. He even handed him a “Deed” CD which he then played on his antique stereo set. Gölä told him that the 4th track on the CD is a duet which he did with his idol, Jimmy Barnes. The shopkeeper liked the song a lot and mentioned that Jimmy often hangs out at the pub nearby.

Will Gölä’s dream to meet Jimmy Barnes live finally come true?

They have a duet together on the new “Hour of The Thief” album by Gölä & The Deed but they have never met personally.

The shopkeeper was very helpful and gave us the directions to the pub. We found it after a short drive but unfortunately it was not open yet. Next to it, there was a cafe called “Magpie Cafe”, where we went in to drink another coffee. While ordering, we asked the barista about Jimmy and to our great surprise she told us that he just left the cafe five minutes ago to walk his dogs.

It was still pouring outside, but Gölä eagerly searches the area and waits by the roadside, hoping to catch a glimpse of his idol. He asks passersby if they have seen Jimmy. After a long wait, he meets a friendly lady walking her dog, who informs him that she knows that he lives down by the river. She advised him to get more information at the General Store.

100 meters down the road, in front of the General Store, there were a few locals having a conversation. Gölä did not hesitate to ask them if they have any idea where Jimmy lives. Gölä’s luck strikes when one of the men said that he knows Jimmy very well. Jimmy often dines at the Eschalot Restaurant opposite the road which belongs to him. The man immediately gave Jane, Jimmy’s wife a call. Five minutes later, to Gölä’s disbelief, Jimmy Barnes drove up to the restaurant in a blue Volkswagen.

Jimmy invited all of us to his beautiful holiday home by the river. Gölä and Jimmy had so much to tell each other, so we ended up having lunch together at the Eschalot Restaurant, where the staff was very friendly and the food was delicious.

Jimmy told us, that he actually stays in Sydney but visits the countryside every now and then. We thought of what a coincidence it is for us to meet him.

Before saying goodbye, Jane and Jimmy invited Gölä to the “Cold Chisel” and Jimmy Barnes concert in Sydney at the end of our tour in November.

We will be there…hell yeah 

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